Primary Bloggers rise up

Blog Responses to “The Elephants in the Primary Blogosphere”

(Updated 12 November)

Following my post yesterday, a few primary bloggers have begun to respond on their own blogs, and I’m hoping several more will. Meanwhile, I’ll do my best to collate some of the responses here rather than just though the comments, in the hope that more people see them.

I am not an elephant….I’m a primary school headteacher! (@theprimaryhead)
The Primary Head offers some responses to all of the questions I raised – in brief!

It’s a *mute* point (@philallman1)
Phil’s usual straight talking gets to the nub of why it’s important that teachers take note and take part.

In search of the Primary School blogger… (@educationbear)
Nick Hague considers some of the reasons why blogs might be absent… and then begins to fill the gap!

The Primary Elephant Marches On… (@mr_chadwick)
Following The Primary Head’s lead, Mr Chadwick tackles each issue in brief

Primary Bloggers, where are you? (@cherrylkd)
CherryLKD considers reasons for the dearth of primary bloggers… raises her own call to action

Primary Juggling (@primaryjuggler)
New blogger Primary Juggler explains some of the issues.. and begins her own blogging journey

Thoughts on a hot school lunch (@ajjolley)
A first blog on one of the big issues raised: the manageability (or otherwise) of launching free lunches for all infant school pupils.

Does age really matter? (@AlisonMPeacock)
Alison Peacock points out – importantly – that there is much common ground between the two sectors, and we ought to pay it more heed.

Assessment without Levels (@misshorsfall)
Tackling one of the big issues I raised, misshorsfall raises questions about the future of primary assessment (Like most of us feel: lots of questions, not many answers!)

Education Bear, Nick Hague, has also set up a twitter feed for primary blogs which may be worth watching:

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3 thoughts on “Primary Bloggers rise up

  1. teachingbattleground 11 November 2013 at 4:46 am Reply

    Reblogged this on The Echo Chamber.

  2. nancy 11 November 2013 at 9:06 pm Reply

    Not sure if this is the sort of thing you are looking for – it’s kind of a reflective diary from a perspective slighty to the side of the whiteboard. Anyway, a little something to add to the mix

  3. […] joined Twitter and Michael Tidd asked the excellent question: where are all the Primary bloggers?  here I have had this post rattling around in the back of my mind all that time, and, following an […]

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