New Primary Curriculum: Collected Articles

Download the booklet and please share freely

Download the booklet and
please share freely

Over the last year I have put together several posts on this blog which have hopefully supported some schools in preparing for the new curriculum. However, I’m becoming increasingly aware of how many schools and school leaders are not yet at all engaged with Twitter and blogging and so are not really accessing such things.

In an effort to reach that wider audience (and maybe bring a few more teachers & leaders online) I have compiled a short booklet containing four of what I think are the most useful blogs I’ve written about the new primary curriculum, and some signposts for other information.

Please, do encourage people to share the link to this page, or to download the booklet and email it on to others, or even to print out copies to share if it’s convenient!

You can download by clicking the image, or directly from this link:

Preparing for the new curriculum booklet


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5 thoughts on “New Primary Curriculum: Collected Articles

  1. Tim Taylor 19 April 2014 at 9:48 am Reply

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  3. spiketown 12 June 2014 at 4:16 pm Reply

    Hi Michael that is really useful. We are running a conference day here at Inspire2Learn in September (12th) and would be very interested in having you present. We currently have Dame Alison Peacock as a keynote speaker too. Andrew

  4. […] If you want a clear, concise summary of the implications of the new national curriculum 2014 I can recommend this free download from Michael Tidd’s ‘Ramblings of a Teacher’ blog. […]

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