Rising Stars Test Conference

I was a speaker today at the Rising Stars conference on the new KS2 tests and assessment frameworks. During the keynote sessions we heard some words from the DfE which might be useful to others, so I am collating my tweets here.

There are two further opportunities to attend the conference – with speakers from the DfE, and analysis of all the new tests and assessment frameworks – in London and Birmingham in early February (by which time the DfE will hopefully have even more information o share!)
More details can be found at the Rising Stars website at:

Here are some key tweets from this morning’s DfE Keynote:

(Correction – it’s only 24. But combined with the 8 for Maths, 9 for Reading and up to 21 for Writing, that’s 62 judgements altogether… or 1860 for a typical class of 30 children)



2 thoughts on “Rising Stars Test Conference

  1. Tom Bishop 27 November 2015 at 8:29 am Reply

    Our plan currently in KS2: R/M/S – one interim assessment sheet per group (6 in a group) where each child in group is clearly above or below the line. One per child when they are borderline. Writing – one per child (reasoning being there are 4 categories instead of just 1.

    Any particular advice out there around that proposal?

    For science we have books from Year 5 which the Y6 teachers have already looked through for evidence of the statements. Teachers will revise the topics that don’t appear to be covered as comprehensively. Also revision sessions will be taught on the Y4 topics that are on the interim assessment.

    Key Stage 1: yet to be decided.

    • Tom Bishop 27 November 2015 at 8:31 am Reply

      *3 categories for writing, not 4.

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