Collecting Data: Rising Stars Optional Tests

As the Key Stage tests loom, many teachers and schools have been kind enough to share thousands of pupil results from the sample tests published by the DfE. I have collated these and used them to give some comparisons for us. Hopefully, after the tests themselves we’ll also then get an indication of how the tests compare to the live versions this May.

Alongside this, I know that many schools are using the Rising Stars Optional Tests to track pupils’ progress towards the ‘expected standard’ in Years 2 and 6. Working with Rising Stars, I am now aiming to collect similar data from schools who have used the new versions of the Optional Tests (Set A). This will be collected in the same way as before, through an open spreadsheet, and then shared with Rising Stars. The aim is to allow them to draw out some key messages in the near future.

optionalsIn addition, Rising Stars will then go on to complete a correlation study with the live tests. This will give schools valuable information about how the Optional Tests marry up to the national tests, which will help teachers to make more accurate judgements and predictions in future years.

If your school has used the Rising Stars Optional Tests (Set A) in Years 2 and 6, please do share your data anonymously via the spreadsheets below.

Year 2 spreadsheet link here

Year 6 spreadsheet link here

If you cannot access the sheets, please feel free to email your school’s data to


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