8 thoughts on “Unfair?

  1. cazzypot2013 27 March 2016 at 3:20 pm Reply

    Reblogged this on The Echo Chamber.

  2. oldprimarytimer 27 March 2016 at 4:43 pm Reply

    Spot on

  3. jkg19 27 March 2016 at 7:31 pm Reply

    If only it was true! GHood one

  4. Sonicmattc 27 March 2016 at 8:44 pm Reply

    No. It’s not unfair (unless we should be more forgiving towards those we serve). If it was not so serious, if I did not think that this government has done such a disservice to a number of my current year 6s who will probably bear the effects of their policy, at least psychologically, for a good number of their academic years, then I may have found this humorous…

  5. wizzobravo 29 March 2016 at 4:58 pm Reply

    If only Ofsted and the DfE were so reasonable!

  6. Beth Budden 31 March 2016 at 10:56 am Reply

    Careful Michael, you’ll get a reputation for antagonising the DfE! 🙂

  7. joking64 1 April 2016 at 1:08 pm Reply

    Thank you Michael; what would we do without you?

  8. Lisa 12 April 2016 at 5:46 pm Reply

    I think you’ve been more than fair.

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