Year 6 Sample Test data – another update

As people continue to share their data via the spreadsheets, I thought it was about time to do one final update of summarised data based on the most recent shared results.

As we’re so close to the tests now, I have looked only at the data collected from tests taken since February half-term. That keeps it as a good sample size of 3500-4000 pupils in each case, while discounting the much older results. I don’t have enough data yet from Summer 1 alone to make much of it.

Key Stage 2 DfE Sample tests

Subject Mean Average Score Median Score Interquartile range
Reading 30 marks 31 marks 24 – 37 marks
Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling 36 marks 37 marks 28 – 46 marks
Mathematics 64 marks 65 marks 46 – 85 marks

The shifts are not that significant in reading and GPS (up by a mark each for the averages), but the maths average seems to have risen quite a bit (it was 59 marks just a month ago)

If you’ve recently used the tests in your school, please do add your data to the collection by entering into the spreadsheet here: Year 6 Sample Test data collection

You can access a spreadsheet to present your own school’s results in a comparison table and graphs alongside all of the national data collected so far (since January). Access the comparison spreadsheet here: Key Stage 2 Comparisons


2 thoughts on “Year 6 Sample Test data – another update

  1. Emma 6 May 2016 at 1:25 pm Reply

    With the average grammar score, is that the average of both papers, spelling and grammar papers or just the average of the grammar paper?

    • Michael Tidd 6 May 2016 at 1:30 pm Reply

      That’s the score of the combined tests. Or at least, that’s the theory.
      Of course, others may have misunderstood which will affect the accuracy of those predictions.

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