Primary curriculum timetabling 2022

Back in 2019, just before the introduction of the new inspection framework, I asked teachers to share information about how they timetabled their curriculum in Y1-6. At the time, I was interested to see if there was a shift following the focus on deep dives in foundation subjects; I had no idea what else might happen in the interim. I’d venture that any shift in that direction might have been affected by the covid closures, but who knows? The results from that survey are here.

I’m now particularly interested to see how feasible the various proposals are from Ofsted subject reports and DfE plans like the new music plan. I’m therefore repeating a near-identical survey and asking colleagues to complete it again. It’s quite lengthy, as there is no easy way to compare timetables in primary where the structures of each week are so different. I’ve therefore done my best to ask one or two questions about each subject to get a measure of things.

I would therefore be most grateful for 5 minutes of your time to think about how you currently fit things into your primary classroom timetable:

Primary Curriculum Timetabling Survey form


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