Optimus Conference

The following blog posts from the past year are directly linked to aspects I raised during either my keynote speech, or workshop session. They are numbered according to the numbers shown on the slides, although all are – naturally – worth reading!

  1. Tracking ≠ Assessment
  2. Useful Assessment in the Primary School
  3. Mastery Mathematics in KS2 and Why is Mastery just for Maths?
  4. 7 Questions you should ask about any new ‘post-levels’ assessment scheme
  5. Assessment: its been a long journey… and we’re not there yet!
  6. The DfE vs The Experts
  7. Maths Progression documents available at www.primarycurriculum.me.uk/support

All my blog posts about the new primary curriculum and assessment can found by clicking the link at the top of the page.

Also, the general link to the Primary Curriculum website, which is:




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