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Who wants to be on the council for the Chartered College of Teaching?

A few years ago, I was invited to be a member of the panel that helped to select the original board of what has now become the Chartered College of Teaching. Aside from then becoming a member when it launched, I have had no further involvement, and have watched with interest as it has begun to develop.

I have been particularly interested in the arguments surrounding the make-up of the various parts of the college, as I know how much deliberation this caused me when selecting the original board. I know from the selection process that I wouldn’t have been up to the task of setting up the organisation as those members did. Equally, I know now that I wouldn’t have the time, or probably the knowledge, to be an effective member of the council.

But I do think that teachers should be at the heart of that process wherever possible. I would include school leaders in that in its broadest sense, but I hope that we’ll reach a stage where the backbone of the organisation is made up of people who still have to think about planning lessons on the train on the way to meetings.

There has been plenty of talk on Twitter about the current selection of candidates, and I’m minded to agree that there are too many potential council members who are not employed in schools – particularly in the fellows category. But there are also plenty of candidates who are based in schools; you just have to be able to find them.

I tried, by trawling through all the candidates’ statements, to identify their current roles and the sector they mainly work in. There are plenty of representatives from Higher Education, and probably disproportionate numbers from headteacher level. There are also too few from primary for my liking, but then… I didn’t stand either.

I guess the key thing is, members now have to the chance to vote. Perhaps if this helps teacher members to find candidates they want to read more about, then the trawl will be worthwhile?

Caveat: I have described current roles as best I can, based on the information I could find. If you know better about any candidate, please do let me know here or via Twitter.


Name Current role Sector
Jane Adamson ITT programme director HE
Farah Ahmed Oversees SLT of 2 alternative schools
Gareth Alcott AHT / Director of Teaching School Secondary
Jon Audain Senior Lecturer ITE HE
Paul Barber Director, CES
Penny Barratt CEO of MAT (Special school focused) Trust
Steven Berryman Director of Music Independent
Tony Berwick Headteacher Primary
Paul Bevis Consultant (former HT) Independent
Tony Bird Deputy headteacher Independent
Helen Blake Lead practitioner / Director of Geography Secondary
David Bowman Teacher (retired 2017) Secondary
Laura Bunny ITT leader in teaching school Secondary
Kevin Burnett Headteacher, retired Secondary
Dr Bob Burstow Lecturer, retired HE
Robert Campbell MAT CEO Trust
Stephen Campbell Deputy HT, independent Independent
Eddie Carline Senior Lecturer, ITE HE
Sarah Counter MAT CEO Trust
Jon Davison Dean of IOE HE
Joan Deslandes Headteacher Secondary
Dr Chris Drew Principal, international college Independent
Nicola Faulkner Headteacher Primary
Paul Foxton Assistant Head, semi-selective secondary Secondary
Colin Goffin Executive Vice Principal Trust
Matthew Grafton Head of Science Secondary
Dr Peter Gregory Principal Lecturer, ITE HE
Adam Hounslow-Eyre Senior Lecturer HE
Iain Hulland Consultant, former HT Secondary
Paul Johnson Assistant Headteacher Secondary
Sarah Lachlann-Dean SEND Teacher Secondary
Sarah Longville MAT CEO Trust
NaheedaMaharasingam Headteacher Primary
Peter Mattock Head of maths Secondary
Elizabeth Negus Lecturer, Barking University HE
Joy O’Neill Formerly SEN
Ann Palmer Principal Secondary
Jo Palmer-Tweed Director of ITT HE
Wendy Pearmain Lead practitioner, Science Secondary
Kit Perona-Wright Head of Co-curricular Independent
Lisa Pettifer Head of English Secondary
Vivienne Porritt Consultant
Cathy Rowland Headteacher, infant Primary
Lucy Jayne Rycroft-Smith Mathematics research
Jonathan Sandling Director of studies, private college Independent
Rachael Shaw Headteacher, junior Primary
Professor Jonathan Shepherd Royal College of Surgeons
Kate Sida-Nicholls ITT leader Secondary
Andy Stone Headteacher Secondary
Grant Strudley Headteacher Primary
Mike Taylor Science teacher/PhD candidate Secondary
Aimee Tinkler Senior teacher/SENCo Primary
Jo Tregenza Head of ITT HE
Victoria Walker Deputy headteacher Secondary
Jenna Clare Watson EY Teacher Primary
David Weston Education Charity CEO
Nigel Willetts Deputy Headteacher Independent
Hannah Wilson Executive headteacher Secondary
Dr Roger Wood Lecturer in Education HE
Matt Yeoman Lead practitioner/Research lead Secondary


Name Current role Sector
Paul Barber* Director, CES
Penny Barratt* CEO of MAT (Special school focused) Trust
Mary Briggs Principal Lecturer HE
Stephanie Burke Director of Studies Independent
Dr Natasha Crellin Senior Leader Primary
Joan Deslandes* Headteacher Secondary
Lee Faith Headteacher (?) Secondary
Phil Garner Headteacher (?) Independent
Will Grant Art teacher, grammar school Secondary
Daniel Harvey Senior Leader Secondary
Julie Hunter Deputy headteacher Secondary
Gethyn Jones Director of Physics Secondary
Christian Kitley Head of history, housemaster Independent
Sarah Lachlann-Dean* SEND Teacher Secondary
Daniel Langley Head of Drama Secondary
Sue Lomas Geography consultant Trust
Peter Mattock* Head of maths Secondary
Rebecca Nobes 2i/c MFL Secondary
Angela O’Hara Headteacher Primary
Wendy Pearmain* Lead practitioner, Science Secondary
Sue Plant Head of School Secondary
Julia Quick Lead practitioner, SLE Secondary
Kate Redman Headteacher, junior Primary
Carolyn Roberts Headteacher Secondary
Kulvinder Sandal Assistant headteacher Secondary
Dee Saran Deputy headteacher Independent
Angela Schofield Teacher Primary
Jonathan Shepherd Surgeon
Mike Taylor* Science teacher/PhD candidate Secondary
Aimee Tinkler* Senior teacher/SENCo Primary
Andrew Truby Executive Head Primary
Victoria Walker* Deputy headteacher Secondary
Ben Ward Maths teacher Secondary

External VP

Name Current role Sector
Robert Campbell* MAT CEO Trust
Rebecca Cox Headteacher Primary
NaheedaMaharasingam* Headteacher Primary
Jo Palmer-Tweed* Director of ITT HE
Sam Twiselton Director of IoE HE
Jenna Clare Watson* EY Teacher Primary
Matt Yeoman* Lead practitioner/Research lead Secondary

Internal VP

Name Current role Sector
Sarah Counter* MAT CEO Trust
Andrew De Csillery MD Herts for Learning
Emily Hollis Associate Assistant Head Secondary
Vivienne Porritt Consultant


Name Current role Sector
Stephen Munday CEO/Executive Principal Secondary


Name Current role Sector
Marcus Richards Chartered Accountant

*Also standing as a fellow

An editable Word version of these tables is available here.